Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

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Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount is a new D&D campaign setting and adventure book, created in partnership with Critical Role, the world’s most popular livestreamed D&D show, watched by over half a miillion regular viewers every week.

– Explore Wildemount: Delve through the first Dungeons & Dragons book to let players experience the game as played within the world of Critical Role.
– New Player Options: Uncover a trove of options usable in any D&D game, including character subclasses (such as the Echo Knight), spells of Dunamancy, magic items, and the heroic chronicle system.
– New content for DMs: Four different starting adventures will allow Dungeon Masters to begin their own campaigns in Wildemount, along with dozens of regional plot seeds, new monsters, and more.
– New critical role content: Fans of the show can explore every corner of Wildemount and discover mysteries revealed for the very first time by Critical Role Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer.